The Mr. & Mrs. Morre

Christmas is fast approaching, thus, we are happy to announce this Christmas event for the Morre’s family on line! The home is really the main course of every family to live and spend a happy Christmas together, with each of the family member. This is where every one would share its gloom’s and gayness in every season.

In pertinence with this event, the Mr. & Mrs. Morre, had their concrete pouring for their house foundation. The event was participated by the common people from the church and our office, of course. The event started with the song praising and prayers. Pastor Elpie gave us the enlightening words from the Bible. Then, the fellowship followed.

Everyone of the Morre’s family was glad to have their house construction blessed and be built with the Holy Spirit and guidance by God. We, in the office are happy as well to be part of their dream to make their house dream to come true  in the name of God!

From us in Homechoice Planners & Construction Corp., thank you and good luck to Morre’s family for this house construction with us!


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