Tuscania as Our Client Now in Construction!

It has been always our pleasure to serve every client we have. Whatever level, status or class they may be, our service is would stay the same- QUALITY SERVICE. As what everybody knows here in the city of Cagayan de Oro, Tuscania is one of the prestigious developer and that quality in projects making. It is our honor to be trusted and to serve them with all of the best we can. This is a one of the lifetime accomplishment would be in Homechoice Planners & Construction Corporation, to show the all equipped workers and extraordinary skill of our architects and office team to prove the strength of the management in making projects possible.

The Tuscania management had given us the opportunity to build their 3 model houses in their own, high end subdivision and that known Italian and quality projects. As of now, we have these update for the projects we have there, which had been started this year. Here are the following: Verona I, Treviso and Verona II.

These projects are located in the subdivision itself in Kauswagan area. For this house unit, this is located in block 3 lot 3. Just last February 05, 2011, we conducted the lot dedication for this project to be started in the name of God. This was participated and led by Valerie Joan E. Garcia, together with the office team and the Homechoice Planners’ construction workers.

Model 1: Verona I Model in Block 9, Lot 12

Lot Area:     137-156 s.q.m.         Bedrooms: 4

Floor Area: 102 s.q.m.                Toilet & Baths: 3

As for the update of this project, here are the photo update as of May 10, 2010

Model 2: Treviso in Block 9 Lot 16

Lot Area:     98.34 s.q.m.                              Bedrooms: 4

Floor Area: 144-156 s.q.m.                         Toilet & Baths: 3

This one is the only single detach unit in Tuscania. This is the second project we have for Tuscania model houses. For its update as of May 09, 2011:

Model 3: Verona II in Block 3 Lot 3

Lot Area:     120-150 s.q.m.                     Bedrooms: 4

Floor Area: 89.20 s.q.m.                         Toilet & Baths: 3

This is the third unit for the model house which we have just started for Tuscania subdivision. This was started also this year. As of May 10, we have this update for this unit:

This is the latest project that is why its development is just that for now. We are looking forward for the great, vital and quality, of course, enhancements for all of these projects we have in the area. We have this view to finish these on time, base on the concept presented by Tuscania and with the guidance of God to each of our workers in the site.

In behalf of the Homechoice Planners & Construction Corporation, it is our pleasure to serve you with full ease, dedication, extra endurance and faith to God, to make all of these projects be done on His will!


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