Tuscania Projects Update

“A lot of accomplishments for the year have to come for the very bountiful ended year.”

For numbers of projects we have for the past year, we had accomplished a lot of successes for this field of profession. We often encountered a lot of encumbrances in this firm, but the most inspiring thing is that, we always make sure to have our duties and responsibilities done accordingly. We consider all factors; we consider options and we consider all of our clients’ concern, within the warranty period. Thus even with these projects we have in Tuscania, we lately done the second project in this area. It is the Treviso model unit we built for the developer. It is on its 100% completion and made our tasks there lessen this time.

For the main time, we have the Verona 2 unit which is on-going now in the same area. And as of now, we have the following developments:

Installation of step board in 100%
Installation of granite slab in 70%
Installation of breaks in 40%
Tile works in 98%
Stairs ( rectify) in 100%

Those are for the past week works that are done. And for this week are:

Installation of granite slab in 100%
Installation of breaks in 70%
Installation of barrel bolt
Painting works in 70%

And for next week we’ll continue the breaks installation, painting works and electrical works. This unit is soon to be done with all of its exterior and interior amenities. Though this is the last in-lined project we have in this area, we are still on the pick of making this one elegantly presentable and according to the client’s preference and budget. We never give up a midst everything we do. And in every project we have, we make sure it will come out in total beau of full good service and quality product as perceived by the every body. We maintain our name of serving our clients on their own way of having their dream house to be possible. That’s how we took our very bountiful ended year, with numbers of accomplished projects we had.

We are looking forward for your time to connect to us, with your own house concern and dream house to come true and of making us, as part of your house to be!


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