Upcoming House Construction Project in Menzi Orchard Residences

If something had done, something must also to start!

The Homechoice Planners & Construction Corporation is now having its new project to build in Menzi Orchard.  After its series of newly projects done and which are soon to be done, for those nearly built houses, the office had done negotiating with the house construction owners, just yesterday, October 12, 2010. The project is would be two-storey house and would be built, right there on the area of Menzi’s lot.

As per the Menzi’s restriction for all house construction, the office and the owner had then agreed with the prospect and the materials to be used in construction. Since the area has its Ranch concept for its residential looks or ambiance, Mr.  & Mrs. Geraldino Zabala accorded of those grounds and the guidelines for their house to be.

The owners are retirees and they have three children. All of their children are now professional, which made them decide to have a property in Menzi’s for their relaxation, comfort and shelter. The place is good for them and for their daily activities to be. After workings days, months and years they had been through, they need the total enjoyment and lax feelings with the place like Menzi’s Orchard!

They have a right decision to build there house on the right place of comfort! They never mistook to choose the one, which is best for them. For the Zabala couple, Congratulations! Enjoy your time of building your house through us in Homechoice Planners. Follow our update for this up coming house construction!


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