Upcoming Project: Mr. Manolito R. Ocer & Ms. Marlen A. Manching House Construction!

As part of  the company’s innovation, we always make sure that, at least, in any way we could, we listen to our clients’ concerns, before putting into the field all of their ideas for their dream house/s.  Thus, this has been always our first step in moving forward to the project.

In pertinence with this, we have this couple who just came to our door to lie down and share to us all of their house concern and to make their dream house to be conceptualized and be made soon. Mr. Manolito R. Ocer & Ms. Marlen A. Manching, are the couple I mean. They showed to us their trust  and enthusiastically present to us their area with full knowledge and understanding of our ways and company’s views and protocol for the all of the clients we served and still serving.

Just last August 15, 2011, they had signed the Contract in availing our house construction offer for them. They seemed satisfied with the scheme we gave and the service that would be laid, are surely soon to be started.  We are thankful for this couple for their time and for the ideas as well. This project to be is just one of the proofs that the company is really booming and that starting to make the name. As part of the team, I would like to invite all the others, who are not yet in our path, to reach their dream house/s to come true, to just email or just contact us, so that we can easily help you!


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