Update: Kisanlu Project

Effort. We have to exert effort in everything that we do. If we want things to be done nicely and properly, we have to put our best effort in it. In our company, to be able to give our clients the best service, we really put our effort in all the things that we do.

In every project that we have, we see to it that we give the best effort we could give for better outcome. Just like this project at Kisanlu Iponan, HomeChoice Planners is giving its best shot to be able to accomplish all the tasks needed. And last two weeks, we were able to do these activities:

Glass works 100%
-Fence works 50%
-Carpentry works 45%
Painting works 10%

For this week, we are now working on the following things:

-Carpentry works 90%
-Painting works 17%
-Fabrication of fence railings 50%
-Stone works 55%
-Installation of granite slab 100%
-Tile works 100%
-Installation of doors 100%

Scheduled activities for next week are as follows: Continuation of carpentry works, Painting works, Installation of railings for fence and Stone works. Other developments for this project will soon be posted. Photos are included also. Updates with this project can be checked in our facebook pages and in our websites also.

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