Update: Philam-Life Village Project 1

Motivation. Everybody needs this to keep them going. And as for us, what keeps us motivated? It’s the presence of our Father Almighty. Seeking for His presence is what keeps us on the go. Knowing that He is always there for us, guiding us in every tasks and work gives us the strength to keep on moving.

With this, the more we are motivated to work with this house construction at Philam-Life Village. There are a lot of things already that we were able to do for this project. Just like two weeks ago, we were able to do the following:

-CHB filling 98%
Plastering 65%
-Installation of door jambs 45%
Panganto 20%

Sometime two weeks ago, some of the workers were transferred to the Pueblo Golf Estates Project 1 for pouring of slab and also at Bellevue Subdivision Project for the pouring of slab carport.

As for this week, these are the following activities that were done:

-CHB filling 100%
-Plastering 80%
-Panganto 35%
-Installation of door jambs 90%
-Installation of forms at stairs 100%

For next week, we have to do the following: Skim coating, Farring works, Installation of reinforcement at stairs, pouring of slab at carport, pouring of concrete stairs and Installation of steel trusses. Updates will be posted soonish. Photos will be included also. Until then!


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