Update: Pueblo Golf Estates Project 1

Awesome. This description best fits to the house construction that we’re working on at Pueblo Golf Estates. The Pueblo Golf Estates Project 1 is so far, one of the biggest house constructions that we’ve handled. With this project, it’s time that we spread our wings and take our work to the next level. It’s high time that we expand our abilities and see what other things that we are capable to do of.

As of last two weeks update, the activities that we’ve done are as follows:

-Installation forms 100%
Pouring of 2nd floor slab 100%

And for this week we are now on the curing of concrete slab 2nd floor. As to the other activities for this house construction that needs to be accomplished, we’ll just keep you all informed.

We are all giddy and excited to see this house in its physical form. It will take us 6 months long to be able to finish this enormous house but with hard work and labor, this will be done in no time. Soon, this project will be another masterpiece of HomeChoice Planners. It will also be an attention catcher at Pueblo Golf Estates because of its unique design and specifications.

So, for those families who wanted to realize their dream house, choose us, HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation. It would be a great privilege for us to serve you. Because there’s no other choice but HomeChoice Planners.


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