Update: Vista Verde Village Project 2

Anxious. Not anxious in a negative way but in a positive way. We’ve been working on this project at Vista Verde Village for almost 6 months now and we just can’t wait to see the result of our efforts. Exciting!

Updates regarding this house, as of last two weeks, the following were done:

Stone works 65%
-Installation of roofing 100%
-Installation of railing at stairs 90%
-Tapping at parapet 100%
-Tapping at stairs 100%
-Tapping at 2nd floor slab (preparation for wood plunks) 75%
-Ceiling works 97%
-Panganto 100%

And as for this week, these are the following accomplishments:

-Tapping at 2nd floor slab (preparation for wood plunks) 100%
Skim coating 98%
-Smoothing on stairs (preparation for step board) 100%
-Installation of railings at stairs 100%
-Farring works 100%
-Ceiling works 100%
Electrical works 60%
-Installation of door jambs 100%
-Stone works 95%

Next week, here are the lined-up activities: Carpentry works, Painting works, Electrical works and Tile works. Just a little work and this two-storey house is finished. HomeChoice Planners is excited to post photos and updates of this house. And of course, we are just so eager to turn over this house to the owner as soon as it’s done. Vista Verde Village, prepare to welcome this house soon!