Vista Verde Village Project 2 Update

“Another project for another cue for a good service; as portrays by the entire office.”

Days are passing by and we are on the pick of making our every day productive and that beautifully made with the goal we aimed for. Thus, even in our projects we make sure to have the at most performance and the service that we could render for our clients to be satisfied. Especially in this season of bountiful harvest in all field and aspects in our lives, it is very pleasing to ears to have every work we have to be accomplished and well presented in all angles.

In relation to our project in Vista Verde Village, it is now the elevated enhancements with its structure and total construction work. As of December 7, 2011, we have the following areas of development:

Complied 1st and 2nd concreted structure
Complied floor concreting
Complied wall filling
Partitioned interior for its bed rooms, toilet & baths, dining, kitchen, lanai, terrace laundry and carport areas
Smoothened walls

This project is now on its 45% and we are still counting for its improvement soon; as the construction work is still going on. As perceived and planned, we will have this one roofed before this month ends and with its further interior development mainly the floor and the ceiling. We’ll keep you posted with every update we have soon!


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