Vista Verde Village Project 4 Update

Focus. Everybody needs this for a better outcome of their work. HomeChoice Planners is not an exemption to this. Being focused to every project that we have is a must as this would give us better results with our work. We wanted our clients to enjoy the good outcome from our work and also give them the best services we have.

Just for example this project that we’re working on Vista Verde Village, we are focused on working with this house because we wanted to achieve good outcomes. We see to it that we give accurate information and details regarding the developments of this house to our client. Talking about developments, last week we were able to do the following:

-Installation of scaffoldings 95%
-Installation of forms 90%
-Pouring of concrete footing 100%
Pouring of column 1st floor 100%
Electrical preparation 100%

And as for this week, the following works were done:

Pouring slab 2nd floor 100%
-Installation of forms at stairs 100%

The planned activities for next week would be the Curing of concrete slab on the 2nd floor and Installation of reinforcement at stairs. We, at HomeChoice Planners values trust, service and family in our company and so we wanted this to share also to our clients. It is our aim to be a blessing to others. And for other updates regarding this project, we’ll keep you all informed!