Vista Verde Village, Pueblo New Projects

It is very pleasing to ears every time we have to start for a new- a new motive in life or in anything we do, a new day to start and a new quarter to start a big mission for the rest of the year. Of course, what is most interesting for us in Homechoice Planners is to have this New Projects in Vista Verde Village in Peublo area.

We have a project for TWO NEW PROJECTS- Bungalow & Two-Storey houses for our clients. These are in the same area or subdivision. These are now on each development.

1st House Bungalow Project

This is own by Mr. & Mrs. Loyola. This is a one-storey-house, having these house amenities: 3 bed rooms, 2 toilet & baths, kitchen, living, dinning and receiving areas and garage and a 120 s.q.m. lot area.  Its targeted construction period is the same with those other bungalow projects we had, which is 2-3 months long.  As of its update for June 21st; it has now its house structure, concrete walling, and on its ceiling preparation for its completion soon.

2nd House Two-Storey House Project

This is own by Mr. & Mrs. Abada, having these house amenities: 3 bed rooms, 3 toilet & baths, dinning, kitchen, receiving and dinning areas, terrace and its carport. Its targeted construction period is would be 5-6 months.

It has now its development update as of June 21st. It has now its house structure, concrete walling, and ceiling preparation, and for the 2nd floor concrete pouring. It is now on the blast of full development soon. It will be done according to Mr. & Mrs. Abada’s wants and preference.

To our clients,  Mr.  & Mrs. Loyola and Mr. & Mrs. Abada, thank you for the trust and for the giving us a chance to help you make your dream house to come true! We  are in one aim to deliver you the best service and the full force of making these dream houses you have to be well- done and that great in following your own taste, preference, and desires for your houses to be. We will update you more of your house development soon!


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