Vista Verde Village, Pueblo: On going Project 1

“The end is near to come!”

It’s the last month for this year of 2011. A month of merriness and thanksgiving for all the boons we received from above and from those treasured happenings and moments from the close people surround us. In relation to the field we are in construction, we are happy to say that we are really into the spirit of Christmas with this project we have in Vista Verde Village. It is now on its full blast of making this unit to make on it’s fully condition and to its finishing level. We are now having these improvements:

Completed structural view
Concreted walls and floor
Partitioned interior for its bedrooms, toilet & baths and inside house amenities
Filed stones with its exterior and its front view
Installed electrical slots and wirings to all designated areas and the water connection as well
Built-in cabinets were being installed in the bed rooms
Tiled toilet & bath on its second floor
And tiled floorings to be done
Walk pathway concreted
Completed roofing

Those are the enhancements of this unit which will be done as soon as possible. We are on its 80 % and counting as of today. Its beau is now really enticing and it is on the mood of making the house to be finished with its finishing touches in the interior. As this Christmas season is going on, we are happy to have the service we render to this owner of this unit.

May this season be that on its at most happenings and blessings too! From us in Homechoice Planners & Construction Corporation, we will always be your people to help you realized your desire house to be possible!


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