Golden Glow North Project 1: Groundbreaking and Lot dedication

Each one of us aspires of owning a house and lot someday. We want our family to have a safe place to stay and where we could live together with them for the rest of our lives. And when that time comes, we would want that place to be blessed. It is our way of saying thank you for answered prayers to the Lord Almighty.

We, in HomeChoice Planners, have this ceremonial breaking of the ground before we formally begin a construction. Groundbreaking and Lot dedication as what we call it.

And just last January 28, 2012, Mr. and Mrs. Fuentes had their Groundbreaking and Lot dedication service at Golden Glow North. The ceremony started around 8 in the morning and it was officiated by Rev. Father Ed Mabilin, S.S.S. of the Blessed Sacrament Congregation. The HomeChoice Planners family and Fuentes’ family attended the said ceremony. After the ceremony, Mrs. Fuentes had a simple but nourishing preparation for breakfast. It was a short ceremony but it ended with blissful feeling.

This house and lot construction package at Golden Glow North is a bungalow type house. Specifications of said house are as follows: 2 bedrooms, 1 maid’s quarter, 2 toilet and baths, living, dining, kitchen and laundry areas and also a lanai.

We just can’t wait to see this dream house of the Fuentes’ family be in reality. We are just so eager to help their dream house to come in to realization. HomeChoice Planners will soon be posting photos for the other developments and activities that we are doing in this house construction. Updates soon!


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