Groundbreaking and Lot Dedication at Hillsborough Pointe

It is just overwhelming to see how blessed is HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation for this year. Indeed, a great pleasure to embrace all the amazing gifts that the Almighty Father has bestowed upon our company. In return, our company will also serve as a blessing to other people. It is just highly that we acknowledge God’s grace and share it to others.

There are a lot of ways that our company is doing to honor God’s blessings. One of it is serving our clients well. Offer them the best service that we could have. One of the good services that we have is this Groundbreaking and Lot dedication. The ceremony is just essential as this would be a way for the Almighty Lord to bless the property owned by our clients. It is a way to ask for a blessing before we start a construction.

Last 28th of January, the same day with the Groundbreaking and Lot dedication of Golden Glow North Project 1, Mr. and Ms. Johnsen also had their Groundbreaking and Lot dedication at Hillsborough Pointe. The Pelarmo-Johnsen family, HomeChoice Planners family and the First Assembly of God church members were in attendance. The ceremony was ministered by Ptr. Walter Richie of First Assembly of God church. When the ceremony ended, the Pelarmo-Johnsen family prepared a satiated lunch for the attendees. And with this, we would like to extend our gratitude to their family.

This two-storey house will soon rise in Hillsborough Pointe. It would be a house to watch out for! And I bet, the Pelarmo-Johnsen family and all the people involved in this construction are just excited to see for this house to come in to reality. We will soon be posting updates regarding this house construction. Until then!


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