Groundbreaking and Lot Dedication: Pueblo Golf Estates Project 2

Desire. Each one of us has desires that we aim to fulfill. For these dreams to realize, we all work hard for it. Try and try until you succeed as what they say. And of course, discerning from the Lord Almighty; this is the right thing to do. With these, one man’s dream was able to come into realization.

The man that I was talking about is the man behind HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation. He once dreamed of having his own business, help other people and give his family a good life and now, all of these, he was able to achieve it. It wouldn’t be possible without the help and guidance from the Almighty Father. Also, with his optimistic view of life and strong belief in his self, he was able to reach his desires.

One of his dreams is to build a house for his family. He dreamed of a house that would serve as a shelter for his family; through sunny and stormy weathers. Last July 7, 2012, this desire has been fulfilled. They had a Groundbreaking and Lot Dedication Service that was headed by CDO First Assembly of God Church. The service was ministered by Ptr. Elpie Taboclaon. It was also attended by Ptr. Roger Ruiz, Ptr. Lloyd Yana and Ptr. Daniel Garner. The church members, staff of RPM Realty and HomeChoice Planners and other relatives are present as well.

After the ceremony, the concerned family shared a testimony about their life. It was a heartfelt story and we were touched by it. They also gave us words of encouragement for us to never give up with our dreams, because in the right time, it will be provided with us by the Lord Almighty.

This ceremony is just the beginning of the fulfillment of his dreams. This dream does not only mean building a house but also creating a home. Home: to give his family an environment that offers affection and security. We are just eager to see the construction in motion and we can’t wait to post updates on this. Until next update!


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