Groundbreaking and Lot Dedication Services

It just keeps on coming! Greater blessings do come when we least expect it. Our company is really grateful with all these projects that come in our way. God is so good that he just keeps on showering our company with so many blessings.

As a protocol, I must say, Groundbreaking and Lot Dedication is conducted with these new projects. For the past weeks, three Groundbreaking and Lot dedication ceremonies were held at different subdivisions. They are as follows:

March 18, 2012: Groundbreaking service of the Morning Mist Village Project 1.

April 3, 2012: Menzi Orchard Residences Project 2 Groundbreak at Damilag, Bukidnon.

April 8, 2012: The Groundbreaking and Lot Dedication of Xavier Estates Project 4 took place.

Each Groundbreaking ceremony was attended by the family concerned. The HomeChoice Planners family was present as well. All of the services held were officiated by the CDO First Assembly of God Church.

I should say that the ceremonies rendered to our clients were done successfully. We could see how glad they were to have their property blessed and also eager to start with the construction of their dream house. We had a great time with all of the ceremonies but we had the most fun at the Groundbreaking service of Menzi Orchard Residences Project 2. As for me, I really enjoyed it because it’s my first time to visit Bukidnon. I just fell in love with the place; I like the peace and tranquility over there. That day was a blast! After the ceremony, we went to the viewing deck and stayed up there for a little while; enjoying and appreciating the beauty of the place.

To our dearest clients, thank you for your trust. We’re really overwhelmed because you have chosen us to build and realize your dream house. Big thanks also to the Lord Almighty for his never ending grace to our company. With this, we continue to be a blessing unto others.


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