Iponan House Construction Project: On-Going!

“To God be the Glory!” This would be our respond to the bountiful blessings coming into the business. In all of our projects, it is Him who made those possible.

Just this morning, August 30, 2011, the office conducted the ground breaking for the new project to be in Iponan, CDO area. This is a two-storey house project would be. For almost a month of preparation for this project to be started, we are now ready to have started. The ground breaking was participated by the church members and staffs, in Assembly of God and the Homechoice Planners’ personage.

The event is just the precursor for the big picture of this project to be. As planned, this will be one of our big and done elegant house projects soon! We will be counting you all to follow the update for this project too. We will post more of its update in the future with its development to be!


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