Mr. Michael & Mrs. Glorie Vyl McMann

“A great house should start with a great foundation”.  This is what must each of us to consider on every project we have. Thus, even our clients do have this concept as well. This is a vital one, so each project we have must stay longer and that long lasting with its condition and taste for the family to live-in.  In Homechoice Planners, we don’t have this good foundation, but a great foundation for the great projects to take.

As a continuation of our ever-preferred house construction option of the most, we have this recently started house and lot construction package project in Vista Verde. This is owned by Mr. Michael & Mrs. Glorie Vyl McMann.  This project has the following amenities: 3 bedrooms, 1 a/v area, 3 toilet & bath, living, dining, receiving areas, lanai, porch and garage. For its dimension, it has 120 lot area and 155 s.q.m. floor area.

The project had its lay-out last month, July 16, 2011. And it’s now on the progress of its construction works. Everybody is invited to follow for its development and photo updates!


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