Second Quarter Projects: Groundbreak and Lot Dedication Service

Goodbye first quarter, hello second quarter! Time runs so fast, gone are the months for the first quarter and now we are on the second quarter of this year. The first quarter for us was a blast. We were so blessed with so many projects, thinking that it would be enough already. But we thought it all wrong, because for this quarter, we are again showered with amazing projects. And we have God to thank for all of these.

We are proud to include these following projects in our list with the respective dates of their Groundbreaking and Lot Dedication service:

June 8, 2012 – Golden Glow North Project 2
June 29, 2012 – Villanueva Xavier Estates Project 5
July 2, 2012 – InahZach Hillsborough Pointe Project 4

Each ceremony was officiated by the CDO First Assembly of God Church. It was attended by the concerned families as well as their friends and relatives. Even the staffs of HomeChoice Planners were present to witness the dedication.

Thanks to the families for giving us the opportunity to build and realize their dream house. We are definitely eager to start all of these projects and I know the families are feeling the same as well. It really is exciting to see these projects in progress. Updates and other developments will be posted soon. Hasta Entonces!


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