Two New On-Going Projects for HomeChoice Planners: Last Quarter!

In everything we do, and in everything happens, there is always a reason. Just like in the business, there is a reason of success and even in every fall. But for us, what we always have in hearts is the successes which make all brilliantly at the top, in spite those unhealthy interventions around, which affects our performance.

But its really true that with those hearts of goodness and those people who are in one thought of rendering service and help to those in need, will be really blessed! In relation to this, is our firm which is now having these house and lot construction package in Phil-Am Village and in house construction project in Golf Estate.

The first one is own by Glorious, not the real name of the owner. She requested us to have that mysteriously. And for Golf Estate is own by Mr. & Mrs. Rubin, which is a luxurious and really a BIG two-storey house which we will ever build to be. As for the early construction update for these two new projects we have:

November 19, 2011= Glorious grand breaking and lay-out
November 18,2011= Mr. & Mrs. Rubin Grand breaking and lay-out

These two are now on its on-going foundation preparation works. These are almost a week of working until now, so those don’t have big development yet. But still we will keep you all updated as soon s possible with each improvements for these incoming weeks.

For the Glorious and Mr. & Mrs. Rubin families, we would like to extend our gratitude for making us part of your conceptualized dream houses to stand on the location you preferred. It is an honor for us to continue our service and extend our warmth service of honesty and cleanliness in conscience while having these units to be done in line with your desires and considerations.


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