Village of Hope: Groundbreaking and Lot Dedication Service

Hope – a simple word but conveys a deep meaning. Hope could mean our aspirations and dreams in life; it could also be your faith in something; as well as your belief in someone. This word expresses a lot of powerful thoughts.

HomeChoice Planners is up for a new project and I must say that this one’s different; it’s special. Special in a way that this certain project is dedicated for the survivors of typhoon Sendong. This project is in partnership of the Institute for Foundational Learning (IFL), CDO First Assembly of God Church and Cagayan de Oro Gospel Church.

The project is named as Village of Hope. The project name intends to give us a message that there’s hope after what had happened. Letting us know that there is always a rainbow after the rain. In every calamity or problem that we have experienced, there is always a solution and a ray of hope. The name of the project says it all.

Last 6th of June, together with the CDO First Assembly of God Church, we conducted a Groundbreaking and Lot Dedication Service at Mambuaya; the place where the Village of Hope will stand. Ptr. Elpie Taboclaon ministered the ceremony. It is just vital that we offer and lift this project up to the name of the Lord Almighty. The said service was participated by the staff of HomeChoice Planners, members of the CDO FAOG Church and also with the other concerned partners.

The ceremony ended well and we are all eager to see the outcome of this amazing project. We just can’t wait to witness the finished product as this project is for a good cause. With all the success that the Almighty Father has graced upon us, it’s high time that we also share this to others. Because we are blessed to be a blessing, it’s just essential to be a blessing unto others. Updates and other developments with this project will be posted soon. Until then!


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