Xavier Estates Project 1: Groundbreaking, Lot Dedication and Lay-out

It’s a first! This certain project that we have at Xavier Estates is our first house construction in this high end subdivision. We are just glad to share this great news because we know that this is a construction to be watched out for. And just like every new project that we’re having, Groundbreaking and Lot Dedication service is a must.

Last March 8 and 10, the Columna family held their Groundbreaking and Lay-out at Xavier Estates. The Lay-out is done for us to know the schematic arrangement of parts for the house. The lay-out activity was attended by the Columna family, HomeChoice Planners and Construction family and the First Assembly of God church family. Before the Lay-out, Ptr. Elpie Taboclaon, ministered the prayer service. The prayer was meant to bless the place and the lot before starting a construction.

HomeChoice Planners will be working on this project for six months or so. There are a lot of things that is needed to work on before seeing this house in its physical form. But hey! Time is running fast and soon this house will be seen standing in this beautiful subdivision. It’s a house that we’re proud to work on because this is our first house construction at Xavier Estates.

To the Columna family, thank you for choosing HomeChoice Planners. We’re grateful for this opportunity that you have given to us. The chance to build our very first house construction in this subdivision; and that is your dream house. For developments of this project, we’ll just keep you all updated. Again, thank you!


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