HCP Workers Donates Blood

October 6, 2012 – another remarkable day for HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation as they had conducted their very first blood drive. In partnership with the Philippine Red Cross CDO Chapter, the bloodletting activity turned out to be a success. The eventful day happened at the HomeChoice Planners’ warehouse and was joined by staffs and workers of the company.

We are overwhelmed with the number of workers who decided to donate their own blood in place of saving other people’s lives. It is the company’s very first blood drive and we are so glad with the twenty one workers who willingly donated blood.

Blood, as we all know, plays a vital role in our body. It is important because it serves as a tool for us humans to be able to function well. The presence of blood in one’s system is essential because of the functions that it plays in the human body. It is responsible in the maintenance of our body temperature; protects us against foreign substances and in the clot formation as well. Our blood also helps us in the transport of nutrients, gases and waste products.

Donating blood is a way of alleviating human suffering. This activity is conducted as many people are in need of blood and suffering from different conditions. That’s why we at HomeChoice Planners decided to be part of this activity because we wanted to be an advocate in alleviating human suffering; that in our own little way, we could act as heroes in saving people’s lives.

To the Philippine Red Cross CDO Chapter, thank you for collaborating with us in making this activity possible. Thank you also to our staffs and construction workers who became donors of the said blood drive. With the successful outcome, expect that we will make this bloodletting program an annual activity in our company. Let us continue in saving more lives. Let’s donate blood.