Health Awareness for HPCC Workers

HCP-medical-examWe are fully aware how important health is; how vital it is to have a healthy mind and body. A healthy person can think and function well, thus, this makes them productive throughout the day.

Nowadays, being physically fit and healthy is a must when it comes to work or even finding a job. In every company that you apply or work in, they now require medical examination to see that you are fit for the job. It’s not only the credentials that they see but your health as well. Of course, they wanted to make sure that the certain person they have given the job is not only a responsible one but a healthy being as well.

Every company requires these medical examinations to their workers to ensure clients that they have a healthy environment. Knowing that these days, a lot of contagious disease are spreading out, being health conscious is just important. Of course, the company wouldn’t want to be the reason of spreading contagious diseases. For a company to be strong, the workers should be strong as well.

construction-workers-medical-examAs for HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation, the company started these medical examinations for the workers last year. With the company’s new advocacy and that is to be health conscious, yearly medical examinations were implemented. This health advocacy is not only for the company’s benefits but for the workers’ welfare as well. Undergoing all the tests will result to the workers’ awareness of their own health. If they are aware of their health status then they would definitely be more conscious of practicing healthy habits. They would clearly know the things that are good or bad to their health. As what they always say, “Prevention is better than cure.”

The said medical examination took place last February 11, 2013 in the company’s warehouse. Supposedly, the tests was scheduled to do in the morning only but due to the workers’ overwhelming number it turned out to be a whole day activity. We were glad to see that the workers obligingly took all the exams including Drug test, CBC test and Xray exam.

It was a successful activity and we thank the workers for their cooperation. And this medical examination is not the only health advocacy activity that we will be having. Expect more health related activities to come. Until then!