Mr. & Mrs. Virginia Bruderer Newly Built House Thanksgiving

Just this afternoon, December 08, 2010, at exactly 4:30, the Assembly of God people, with Pastor Elfie, and Homechoice Planners & Construction Corporation people, drove to Bruderer’s newly built house in Golf Estate area for the thanksgiving and house dedication.

As customary, the thanksgiving started with song praises and then series of prayers for the Bruderer’s family as well as the goodness of the house, which it could offer to every family members soon. Also the prayers were dedicated to Mr. Peter Bruderer who was not in the thanksgiving, due of health problem. The whole church members and we, in the office, are praying for the fast recovery of Mr. Peter Bruderer.

The fellowship followed, which we shared and enjoyed. We thank you for the warmth welcome by the Bruderer family of God’s presence and guidance in their newly built house and for their very hospitable, humble and cheerful temperament.

For the entire family of Bruderer, we are very grateful and honor to make this huge and ideal house which is on its grand and comfortable appeal. Thank you for the laid trust and for believing on us, that we really can make your dream house to be possible with all of our best and faith.

We still believe that, we accomplish things and any house construction, because of our  professionalism, good rapport to each of our office staffs, masons, laborers, architects and  above all, because of the firm faith we have of building houses in accordance with the guidance of the Almighty one!


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