Mrs. Felisa Aparente House Blessing

Just last Monday, we turned- over this project the owner. The time has come and long time dream come true for Mrs. Aparente! Just yesterday, June 16, 2011, 5 PM- 8 P.M,all of us in Homechoice Planners’ Team went together to her newly built and ready to move-in house in Golden Glow North subdivision. We were in one to celebrate the house blessing of Mrs. Aparente. It is our pleasure and great honor to do so. With all of the inspiring words uttered by ma’am Felisa, she showed that she is very much thankful and that fully satisfied with the service we rendered to her family. She was that very hospitable of accommodating us all to her house with full of sincerity, humility and whole-heartedly.

It is our honor also to boast that, we can’t make your dream to come true without the guidance and protection of God to all of us in the team and to those Homechoice Planners’ & Construction Corp.’ workers. It is an add-on proof that we don’t just construct and deliver a house, but a home as well to all of our clients. Thus, as what Mrs. Aparente’s acceptance to us, and reaction with the done work we have for them, she is that proud and thankful that for 32 years of renting and living of the house which she doesn’t own, at last, now, which she can called as HER DREAM HOUSE!

As I’ve interviewed Mrs. Felisa, I have heard a lot of inspiring points in her life, which also told me that she really deserves to be in a very well-made and in good architectural taste house. Her eyes spoke to us with full of humility- a very down to earth woman, a very determine and dedicated mother and grand mother in this newly built and harmonious HOME.

As she stressed, “for how many years… 32 years, I prayed to have my own house. There were times that I applied for housing or a property, but I was never happened to pursue it. And now, I feel like- this is seem not true that I have my own house now. And to this very good and right area for us.”

You deserve to have it and be happy with all of the perseverance and challenges you encountered ma’am Felisa! We know that because of your humble heart, God provided you all of your needs and dreams!

She added,” If not because of your intelligent mind and you intelligent people (she was talking to all of us in Homechoice Planners team), my dream to have my own house will not be come true.” She told us this, with almost teary eyes, that spoke a lot of truth of what she feels deep in-side.

From all of us in Homechoice Planners Team and construction workers, we would like to congratulate you ma’am for making your dream come true! From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank you for sharing with us your life story, your ideas, and most of all, your dream house which becomes one of our inspiration to continue to disseminate or mission, which is to be blessed and to be a blessing to everyone like you!


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