HPCC: ISO Certified

homechoice-ISOHomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation has always been open for new opportunities. Every new undertaking that comes to its way, the company strives hard for its improvement. And because HPCC aims to further improve their services, the company has decided to embark in another venture.

It was May of 2014 when HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation has decided to take a step for greater opportunity. This opportunity was applying for an ISO Certification. For this application to work, HPCC has invited a consultant group that would assist them in the certification process. AGF Consulting Group has been HPCC’s consulting buddy when it comes to the steps and processes needed for the certification. It was six months of working hand in hand with the consulting company. Almost every month, the AGF group would come and visit HPCC to conduct assessments and mock audits. And after six months of consultation with AGF, they have finally declared that HPCC is ready for audit with the certifying body. The recommended certifying body by AGF group was the TUV-SUD Company; a German company that specializes in auditing and system certification, testing and product certification, inspection, homechoice-ISO-9001-2008knowledge services, training. Almost all kinds of certification and training are catered by TUV-SUD Company.

For HPCC’s ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification, TUV SUD did the auditing and system certification for the company. The first audit was on December 2, 2014 and the second one was conducted last 28th of January. The certification process was not that easy though. Overtime work, pressures and stress were all part of the process also. But all of those have been paid off when HPCC finally received a recommendation from the certifying body. It was such an overwhelming moment for HPCC when they got the approval for ISO certification from TUV SUD Company. There may be a lot of pressures and stressful works during the process but it was all worth it.

hpcc-ISO-9001-2008This entire venture is HPCC’s way to further its vision of becoming the leading company in providing quality houses. Because HPCC aims to continually improve its system, the ISO certification is one of the better ways that would help the company in having a quality management system. Congratulations to HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation for a job well done! Cheers to you! All glory and praises to God!