HPCC towards Innovation

HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation is making another mark towards innovativeness by embarking on a new venture. For three years now, HPCC has already been known for using the Plaswall Technology on their projects. It has made the company as one of the contractors in Cagayan de Oro City to use a modern construction approach. And with the company’s commitment in new innovation and modern construction, HPCC has ventured in yet another technology – the Lightweight Foamed Concrete Technology.

This innovation of using Lightweight Foamed Concrete Technology is another method of HPCC in modern construction. This certain technology is made from mixing preformed stable foam into slurry of cement, sand and water. The stable foam is the important ingredient in the making of this concrete, and it must be stable and last through the initial stages of mixing the concrete. As a way of incorporating the Lightweight Foamed Concrete on HPCC’s future projects, they have invited a Malaysian technology-based company that specializes in Industrialized Building System – DRN Concrete Resources. The said company provides consultancy, technology and products related to Lightweight Foamed Concrete Technology.

The Lightweight Foamed Concrete or the Portafoam System is a widely used technology in Malaysia and also of some other countries. Portafoam’s component makes it lighter than the traditional CHB. And it also possesses special properties such as low thermal conductivity and high fire resistance. Its density ranges from as low as 400 kg/m3 to as high as 1600 kg/m3; allowing it to be used in a variety of applications such as pre-cast wall blocks and panels, cast in-situ lightweight, floor and roof screeds, trench reinstatement, road foundations and void filling.

HPCC continues to widen its horizon through innovations such as this Portafoam System. HPCC believes that through the use of this technology, modern construction in Cagayan de Oro City will be more significant. And with this step towards innovation, Mindanao will soon be following the modern construction trend of Luzon and Visayas. And these new technologies for modern construction will soon be widely used here in Mindanao. Cheers to modernization of construction!