Change Orders!

Do documented Change Orders cause Inconvenience?
Change order and add-on is common term in construction industry. But, though you may not have come across it, knowledge of change orders and how to handle disputes that arise from them is important. Change order is used in the construction industry in reference to an amendment or changes or add-on to the construction contract as well as plans with the potential to change the scope of the work to be done by the contractor. Essentially, a change order alters or modifies the work that a contract document requires the contractor to complete. In turn, this increases price of the contract. It also leads to the adjustment of the time required by the contractor to complete the project. For a change order to be valid, the contractor and the owner must reach a separate agreement. Take note, that prior to implementation ensure all proper and detailed documentation as well as full financial settlement of change orders prior. Unfortunately, change orders lead to disputes in most cases. That’s because contractors and owners do not seem to reach an agreement when it comes to changing parts of their contractor scope. The first and most crucial step is to determine whether the change order in question is fact-specific. Determine whether there is real change in the contract. Look at the pre-construction documents, field work orders, request for quote responses from suppliers, and dealing course for the parties. It’s also crucial to consider the order-of-precedence clauses that determine if drawing control or written specifications are necessary. Most contractors proceed with the extra work without securing a change order in writing first in order to please clients. Furthermore, keen details, plans and agreements must be in placed before hitting the ground to avoid future conflicts on cost and timelines. Yes it is really stressful but being careful on details and changes is much better. This will avoid future conflicts. Better be sure than sorry, take it from us, from our almost score of experiences . Remember, change orders and add-on means extra time to prepare the plan and details, extra work, extra cost, and extra time on basic target. Ready? Lets Talk!