Plaswall Building System: A New Innovation

plaswall-building-systemA new technology is making its way here in Cagayan de Oro City. It is an innovation that is surely a big factor in the construction field. It’s a first here in the City of Golden Friendship; and we at HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation is definitely taking part of this new innovation.

HPCC proudly introduces the Plaswall Building Technology. This system offers a quality building product that uses locally manufactured Hardiflex fiber cement sheet. Plaswall Building System started here in the Philippines around 2000 and with its great quality, it has long expanded to other cities here in our country. Other countries abroad such as Abu Dhabi, Australia, India, Qatar, Jordan, Oman and Bahrain also uses this kind of technology in building structures.

Our company offers this new and faster system in building structures. And we are proud to say that we are the first to use and market this new technology in Cagayan de Oro City. Plaswall is a unique fibrocement that replaces costly steel aluminum and plywood formworks. It produces a complete load bearing wall with a complete rendered finish. And it requires significantly lower skilled labor to build high quality concrete homes and buildings. Also, this kind of system is effective to use in constructing houses, schools, high rise buildings and landscape structures.

plaswall-homechoiceFor developers and builders, Plaswall Building System gives a great deal of benefit. For one, it has fast clean method of building that is twice as fast as the traditional way; ensuring buyers and clients a predictable deliver time of home. It is prefabricated to order, so wastages are minimized. It’s easy to use and learn for conventional builders; with guaranteed high quality of finish. Compared to the conventional way, Plaswall has durable finish that minimizes reworks and repairs. Also, it has higher earthquake and typhoon resistance. Other advantages of using Plaswall Technology are as follows:

  • higher Assessed value by banks and agency such as Pagibig making securing of end user finance easier and faster
  • AITECH approved building system (as required by GSIS and PAGIBIG)
  • equivalent on cost to conventional building (most cases lower)
  • higher quality buildings producing higher customer satisfaction resulting in higher sales and better loan collection rate.
  • Higher quality without higher cost (sales and marketing advantage)
  • shorter build times reduces project management and finance costs (2nd tier cost savings)
  • uniform quality of building regardless of number of contractors used
  • complies with Phil. National Building Code, British, American and Australian Building Codes

plaswall-finished-homechoiceThe very first project that has used the Plaswall Building System here in Cagayan de Oro City can be found in one of the high end subdivisions here; and that is in Xavier Estates. The said project was constructed by our company and we couldn’t be more grateful for its outcome. Indeed, the building process is faster and results are of great quality. Plaswall Building System is definitely rocking the construction business. Kudos!