HomeChoice Planners’ Sports Fest 2012

Let the games begin! As part of the recreational activities for our workers, HomeChoice Planners came up with an idea of having a sports fest for the benefit of our workers. This would not only take their time off from work but serves also an exercise to stretch out their muscles from the heavy work.

The sports fest was a two day activity that was held last May 18 and 19 at Montana Vista’s clubhouse and basketball court. On the first day, before the opening of the games, we conducted a fellowship wherein we acknowledged the presence of the Almighty Father for the success of the event. We also invited a member of the CDO First Assembly of God Church, namely Mr. Rey Asuncion; who’s a sports enthusiast as well to share words of encouragement to the workers. He then disclosed to us a very nice speech about the importance of team building and teamwork.

After the fellowship, the game proper was formally opened. For a start, the workers were grouped according to their specialized skills. A lot of games were prepared for the activity. Secondary games such as message relay and pinoy henyo were included in the game list just for a warm up. For the main games, basketball and dart were played. The first day of the sports fest was a revel one. It kept us waiting and looking forward for the next day’s activity and that is the championship game.

Day two, everybody is braced on their seats and is on thrilling mode as they eagerly watched the championship games for basketball and dart. At the end of the day, the Moulding Team brought home the trophy and named as the champions of the basketball game. The second place went to the Filing Team and third place to the Structural Team led by Foreman Paul. In the dart competition, the following were able to bring home the bacon: Randy Calunsag got the first place, Bebencio Apao as the second placer and third place went to Gilbert Tizon.

Awarding ceremony was held in the ‘bodega’ the following Monday morning just right after the bible study. The two day sports fest was a fun filled event. The HomeChoice Planners staff and construction workers, as well as the spectators had a great time and all are looking forward for another event like this. Congratulations to all the participants and winners of the sports fest. God speed!