A rainbow after the rain and after the realm of encumbrances

It is the year of a dragon, as what our fellow Chinese people had shared to everyone. This year is will be of what the Psychics and other individuals, who believes that this will be a doomsday for humanity. But it still depends on each of us of which and whom to believe. The most important one is that, we believe of our own God and has the complete on His words and goodness to all of us. This doomsday prediction as well creates psychological impact to our fellowmen. Thus, this even makes others to be stocked up with their days, belief and activities. But, as for us, from Homechoice Planners & Construction Corporation, we still on the height of faith that doomsday is actually not this year or just those yesterdays, we always experience the so called doomsday- in different forms; only we are not that anxious enough to realize those. The same way of those blessings and graces from above, which we usually take for granted. The great thing happened about the lately disaster we experienced is that, all of us in the city of Cagayan de Oro is the shown solidarity, harmony in helping every one and of sharing all the blessings that we have to one another in order to start again after the realm of encumbrances we experienced.

And as part of the company’s concern and responsibility to all of our clients, we do have the good start and in the height of making our new year goodly with the good rays of rainbow to all of us in the company as a cue of good start from everything happened. We do have numbers of newly started projects, new accounts to take and to render services to our new clients for this New Year. We do also have the newly prepared system, which is applicable and beneficial to every one in the company and for those people involving the entire construction firm.

We are hoping for the good fruit and for the good result this year. We are thankful for the thought of making our service that reliable, satisfactory and bountifully be finished according to the goal we consider. As for the per project update we have, we keep you posted through our monthly updates. You too, can check it out with those clients we have online.

We are open for any of your house concern and now ready to hear you once again with your house construction or house and lot construction concern. Contact us now!


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