Christmas Thanksgiving Gathering at Bodega

“A time for sharing and loving; as the expression of how a blessed one blessed those who are in need.”

12 months are almost done and just days to count for 2011 to end up and the 2012 to start. All of our family members, co-workers, fellow men and people around the city are celebrating this season of Christmas, wherein sharing of blessings received either from salary or in kind, loving and respect, forgetting oneself’s pride and anger, tantrums, envy and making the Christ-like mode of mood to excel than anything else in all surface.

This is how Homechoice Planners & Construction Corporation show its gratitude and thanksgiving for all the clients, graces and blessings from God- to extend its blessing to every construction worker, mason, architect, and sales agent in the form of thanks giving gathering, wherein, the Holy Spirit and the word of God is the core and as recognition of His Holiness and kind-hearted one to give numbers of blessings to the company all through the year of 2011.

Just last December 23rd this year, at around 9 in the morning, we gather once again at Bodega area of Homechoice Planners and witnessed the bountiful harvest of the company of how it brought blessings to every person comprising the company and of making it as the vehicle of every construction workers or workers to achieve more in their lives with their families, while they are in the company. The gathering was attended by the Assembly of God people and the real estate agents as well in RPM Realty, which is the sister company of Homechoice Planners. The gathering was formally done with our client guest, Mr. Jerry Newland, who first shared his testimony to everyone of how gracious he is and of how thankful he is of having the company’s service and for making his house in time and durable, following his ideas. There was also Joseph, one of the leading foremen of the construction firm, who is the oldest in service of the company, who shared his testimony as one of the workers, who benefited a lot from the company and with his own family, since the day when he joined the company. As for him, compared to his previous work, he is having now a lot of changes and improvements in life than before monetarily, spiritually, and materially. Yours truly, also shared the world of marketing officers, as the representative with the vision in one with the people in the company and with the construction workers to be blessed and to be a blessing.

After the prayer program, there was a food fellowship given to every one, wherein, from that moment, I could really feel the true happiness from within in serving these people, who once again could experience the blessing and the essence of Christmas, even with the big bang calamity happened in the City of Cagayan de Oro today.

Thank you for all of those people who attended the said event and for sharing their time rejoicing the name of God, despite everything happened to us here in the city. We are thankful as well of making the event more reasonable and so blessed with all of the good intention we have in our hearts to make the event possibly successful and with the portrayed spirit of Christmas. Merry Christmas to each one of us and a bountiful new year!


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