First Fruits For the Year 2011

First fruit is really good to harvest and to cherish, as they say. In pertinence to this somewhat- cliché, we in Homechoice Planners & Construction Corporation, we are having this experience. As the year of the rabbit enters, we have these first fruits for this year’s projects and boons. These are not only for us in the office and the people who are doing and initiating this view to build, but also for those construction workers in Homechoice Planners.

Here are the first fruits we have as January enters this year:

*Mr. & Mrs. Tupas’s House construction

* Sigl’s Beach Bar

* Apparente’s House Golden Glow North

* Santa Ana’s House Golden Glow North

Mr. & Mrs, Tupas’s House Construction

As one of our first fruits for this year, we also have this first fruit project in the province of Bukidnon. This projecta is a blessing for us, to penetrate on this area and that, we also show our skills and CAN DO attitude and capability in this field of profession. Yes, we also can! We can build a house anywhere in Bukidnon as part of our vision, which is to widen our venture and to reach far with this ability and help we could give to our clients.

Because they believe on us in the office for what we can do and what we can contribute to their dreams, we ended up with this concept now. We started this project just last month. And we are very happy to be part of this project. Now we just done with the following activities and schedules with the Tupas family.

01.06.11 – Site Clearing…preparing for the B-Word….BUHOS @ 01.08.11!
01.08.11 – BUHOS
01.12.11 – Architect Visit
01.29.11 – Construction Update

The office is on going with this project to reach the targeted month to finish the project. We are now on this construction with its structure and seriously focus on the prepared perspective and phase as accorded by the owner and the office.
We are on the momentum to make this project be successfully done. Thank you for the Tupas family for being that open-mind and in good rapport in letting us to be part of your dream house to be fulfilled. Let us wait for the next update!

* Sigl’s Beach Bar

Not only in uptown areas or Bukidnon? Yes! Our projects are getting wider and known. We also have this project in Balingasag beach area. We started this project just last month and as one of our first projects and blessings for this year.  This is a new concept also for us to build, since this is a Beach Bar. But still we can deal like this kind of project!

For now, this is the development of this project. We will be updating you for the on going improvements for this Beach Bar soon!

* Ms. Felisa Aparente’s House & Lot Construction

We also have this new project for the month of February, this year. This house is a 2 weeks old. The construction is still going on and that would be following the owner’s views or perspective of what her house to be look like. This is only a bungalow project also, having a modern design. We are glad that this is another privilege for us in the office and to all of our workers to continue serving all of our clients with dedication and courage!

To Ms. Felisa Aparente, thank you for the confidence you laid to us! We will meet your dream house to be and will make it come true with the guidance of the Almighty!


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