HCP moves forward!

hcp-groundbreakingIt has been an awesome 2012 for HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation. An overwhelming number of projects came into the company last year and we are just so thankful to the Lord Almighty for all of the blessings.

For this New Year, HomeChoice Planners has made some amendments that would further improve the company’s service. These changes are not only for the benefit and growth of the company but for the staffs and workers as well. This would help the staffs and workers in the improvement of their performance. Not that their performance isn’t good, it is just a way of developing more of their skills and also build their character.

The company’s major goal is to move forward and part of it is the possibility of constructing a building. With the company’s continually growing family, a new office is in plan. And the start of this plan happened last January 18, 2012; when the company formally dedicated the lot adjacent to the warehouse. The groundbreaking ceremony was ministered by the CDO First Assembly of God church, headed by Ptr. Lloyd Yana.

hcp-warehouseThis is just the start of the so many plans that HomeChoice Planners has. It is the beginning of the company’s moving forward goal. We know that you’re already curious about this soon to rise office building. But we will not go into details for now as we haven’t made some final plans yet. As soon as we have it then we’ll gladly disclose it to all of you.

All of these plans we lift it up to our Mighty Lord. Without His guidance and presence, HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation wouldn’t be where it is now. We dedicate this soon to be constructed building to Him. Glory to God!


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