Thanksgiving on the 24th

It has been four years already since the bible study service every Monday has started. And looking back, HomeChoice Planners had a really rough start on establishing this kind of practice. On the first year of the bible study service, only few construction workers would attend; but as the years go by, the other construction workers was able to witness and experience how great our Lord God is. And by God’s grace, the number of attendees eventually grew and it continually grows up until now.

Tradition as it is, HomeChoice Planners usually conducts a Christmas Thanksgiving service every month of December. christmas-thanksgivingIt is just essential that we offer and give back all the blessings that the Almighty Father has bestowed upon us. On this day, we acknowledge all the wonderful things that the Lord has graced upon our company. HomeChoice Planners wouldn’t be where it is right now without the guidance and protection of the Abba Father.

For this year’s thanksgiving service, we have invited Ptr. Roger Ruiz of CDO First Assembly of God church to share to us the word of God. He then emphasized to each and every one of us the true essence of Christmas. He also gave us words of encouragement to continue on praising and worshiping God for nothing is impossible with Him. HCP-thanksgiving

HomeChoice Planners is and will always be grateful to the Lord our God. He never ceases to amaze all of us. Thank you so much Lord for all the great things that you have given to all of us; and one of them is the life of your son Jesus Christ, for He is the proof of your true love to humankind. Let us be reminded that Christmas is not about Santa Claus but it is all about Jesus Christ. Happy Birthday Jesus! Happy Christmas!


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