Tips on Choosing the Right Home Builder

Thinking about realizing your dream house, but not sure how to start? To help you in finding the right General Contractor for your new home, here are some simple tips to follow:

· Sketch your dream – before consulting an architect, you can begin by drawing or sketching out your ideas; imagining your dream home. In this way, the architect can easily make perspective and floor plans out of your sketches.

· Check for referrals and reviews – the best contractor is often busy not by advertising but by finding work through “word of mouth” referrals and repeat customers. So, collect referrals and recommendations from friends, co-workers, neighbors and material suppliers.

· Choose contractors that are licensed and insured – research their background before hiring them. It is important that you check if your contractor is licensed and properly insured because it ensures that they are qualified to do the work. Their insurance should cover damage to your house or if a worker gets injured on the job. Keep in mind that just because they’re licensed contractor, doesn’t mean they’re insured. It’s up to you to do the diligence and make sure they are insured.

· Select contractors that have their own office – contractors owning an office would mean that they are an established construction company; it is more convenient and easier for you to visit their office for your concerns and needs. It would also mean that they wouldn’t run away from you and your transactions.

· Interview your contractor – don’t be afraid to ask questions from your contractor. For example, you can ask about how long they have been in the business or have they done projects that are similar to yours, etc. Building your home is an investment of time and money; and you want to make sure that you’re hiring someone who is up for the requirements of the job.

· Ensure a contract – it is vital to have a contract with your general contractor. Things like the start date and expected completion date of construction, as well as the exact work inclusions and costs should be included in the contract. Both parties should sign the contract and have a copy.

· Make sure it offers the right price – look for the right builder that fits to your price range and find someone whose work you like and you can trust. Be open and ask about what they charge so that you’ll know if you can afford to pay them. At the beginning of the job, be very clear of the costings and ask whether you need to be prepared for any unexpected costs. And also keep in mind not to hire contractors that are solely based on lowest price.

· Look for a reliable contractor with good track record – prior to hiring a contractor, you have to make sure that your contractor is reliable. See to it that they have a good track record which shows that their previous projects were successful. It is a guarantee to you that they are a trustworthy company.