Almost Done & Recently Done Projects for Turn-over!

As we enter the 2nd quarter of this year, some of our on-going projects are now ready for the turning over to each owner. We are proud to say that after the given time of construction with these projects, those are now realized. Of course, it has been our great pleasure to be part of everyone’s dream house to come true!  Realizing their dream houses is our huge accomplishment as well.

Here are the following projects, which we just will turning-over to our clients:

Mr. & Mrs. Malacks’ two-storey house building

This two-storey house project is situated in Richmond Hills, CDO. As per the owner, Mr. Alejo & Mrs. Bherley Hope Malack, wanted for their house to be look like, we grant it to them! It has now the color-coding 4 bed rooms, accented 3 toilet and baths, wide 2 terraces, a tiled carport and majestic, colorful and joyful ambiance of living, dining, receiving and kitchen areas. We will be turning-over this property to the owner soon!

It is one of our dreams to provide a house that is worth-living and that in good quality; this is another accomplishment for the company. We would like to extend our warmth THANK YOU to the Malack’s family for your laid trust and the most is for your dream, which also became our dream!

Mrs. Felisa Aparente Bungalow House

This is one of our new years’ projects for the 1st quarter.  To give a bit of review for this project, this was started last February.The project is in Golden Glow North, for this one-storey house, which is good only for a 2 bed rooms and toilet and bath.  It is now about to finish and soon to be turned-over to Mrs. Felisa Aparente this month. She has that design and specifications for her house to be, which is that unique!

It is our service to let our every client to have their own design and wants for their dream house to be. Thus, we are responding all of those also to Mrs. Felisa! This is also one of our house and lot construction package. With the 108 s.q.m. lot cut and floor area of 56 s.q.m. For its construction development as of June 01 this year, it is now structured, painted, on its finishing stage and well-prepared flooring’s, ceiling, cabinets, walling and all of its specifications.

This will be turn-over to the owner very soon. We are grateful for this additional success of projects we have, which will complete the 1st quarter’s targeted accomplishments we have for this month of June.

Thank you Mrs. Felisa Aparente and we are looking forward for the turning-over for your property!

Mr. Wilson Bungalow House & Lot Package

We started this project last February this year.  This is in Vista Verde Village, where accessibility and good location for full security, learning institution, are in. The are itself, made Mr. Wilson decided also the most! It is just along the highway going to the airport and to downtown area,plus with the Corpus Christi School, beside the subdivision area. Our targeted month for this one to be done is last month, May. And we deed it to its last stage of finishing and fixtures. Just to bit of review for its specifications, it has this following house concept or specs:

Lot Area: 108 s.q.m                Bed: 3

Floor Area: 56 s.q.m.             Bath: 1

For its house amenities, it has also its dining, kitchen, living and Porch areas. It also has its 14 s.q.m. lanai and pavement. For 3 months of making for this house, it is now on its semi-furnish condition. It has now the tiled flooring, ready toilet and bath and its accented wall, built-in cabinets on its masters and common bed rooms, all of the window glasses and the tiled entrance pathway of the house, as well as the surrounding fence. The owner didn’t choose it to be land escaped; instead, it’s the front fence to cover all of the area of the house. As what we always want it for all of our clients, it will your, or their own will and house preference in all corners of the house to be. That is why we have it CUSTOMIZE house and lot offer for all of you.

Just last month, May 25, we turned-over this property to Mr. Wilson’s sister and brother. We would like to thank you Mr. Wilson for sharing with us in the office, staffs, masons and the rest of the workers under our firm for your brilliant dream. There’s nothing compare for the happiness and gratitude we have, for being part in making your dream coming true!

Mr.  and Mrs. Cotanda’s Two-Storey House Construction Package

Mr. Felipe and Mrs. Ethel Cotanda once extended with us their dream, which is to have adequate house for their own family. They are in the right tract of doing so, as we serve to impart our goodness, hassle free, and quality service and construction performance for every client we have.

They decided this idea of building their house with the customization they laid to us. For the lot area 108 s.q.m. and floor area 130 s.q.m. with 4 bedrooms and 3 toilet & bath, they have this house specs, two-storey house type, having 4 well-painted and well-picked colors, built-in cabinets in all bed rooms, kitchen area, toilet and baths, and a magnificent ambiance inside the house, that speaks the elegance and the done professionalism laid by the all of the personages, who contributed a lot to make this project done very well.

For the information of every body, we turned-over this property to the Cotanda’s family, last March.

From the bottom of our hearts, here in Homechoice Planners & Construction Corporation, thank you for the faith and trust you gave us, just for us to prove our real and dedicated service to Cotanda’s family!

Mr. Val Sta Ana Bungalow & Lot Construction Package

The Homechoice Planners & Construction Corporation has been a dedicated, transparent and rendering exemplary image and service to all of its valued clients, since the day when it started. Its commendable service has reached to its level of serving the people intentionally. Of course, it means that even those people locally do benefit our service and offered construction package.

One of those remarkable clients we have, who also viewed our service as budget, people and family-oriented, is our very own Sr. Manager Credit Collection & Documentation Mr. Val F. Sta Ana Jr. of Pueblo de Oro. As gathered concept from him for his bungalow house, we have the following information:

Lot Area: 120                        Bedrooms: 2

Floor Area: 70                      Toilet & Bath: 1

Other house amenities: Kitchen, dining, living and carport areas.

This house construction project is situated in Golden Glow North subdivision, Pueblo. It has this corner lot type, which adds beau of it’s newly and well-designed bungalow house building. To have a look of its dates and detailed development updates: The entire Homechoice Planners with the church members and pastor from Assembly of God, dedicated the lot for the house construction dated February 02, 2011.

March 04, 2011- There are construction developments for the house foundation and structure. Its beau was visibly showed. The construction was that fast, accurate, meticulously surveyed, and artistically followed as planned.

May 11, 2011- Finally, this is the final touching of the areas for the house building to be done. The house building itself speaks and shows the ambiance of what a home is. It is now having its perspective view, literally. The paints’ colors in its interior, exterior, fixtures, tiles, accents, cabinets, lightings, doors and window glasses, and the fenced are all installed and in placed.

This house project was turned-over to Mr. Val Sta Ana recently. And we know that it will not be possible without the supervision and will of God, full service and dedication of each construction workers, masons, architect and Homechoice Planners’ office team and of course, the showed trust by you, sir, our valued Sr. Manager Credit Collection & Documentation of Pueblo de Oro  Mr. Val F. Sta. Ana Jr.

In behalf of the whole team of Homechoice Planners & Construction Corporation management, we would like to express our gratitude for letting us to partake of what your dream house is for your beloved family. It has always been a pleasure for us to show the best we have, the quality and vitality projects we can build and the promising customization of every house construction or house and lot construction package we can give to you and to all other house building enthusiasts.

Thank you and may this not be the final or  turn-over of your happiness in that newly built house with your family, but may the starting moment of your lively, united and harmonious time with them, as those mixed and acquired HOME spirit of your house!

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