Mr. & Mrs. Loyola House Construction Turned-Over!

“Living in realized dream house, would always be a fulfilling!”

For three months of constructing this project we are on its final point and touch. We already installed everything needed for this unit to be done accordingly. We have the interior amenities and the exterior embellishing desired by the client to be having for this unit they have. Also, the water and the electricity are there installed.

Upon having this project, we are happy and proud to say that this one is also successful with all of the client’s desires to be accomplished and realized. All of the laid ideas by them and which were improved by our architect and the people who are in construction site, this one made possibly elegant and simply to be proud of!

We turned- over this unit just last Thursday, October 06, 2011. From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to extend our gratitude to Mr. & Mrs. Loyola for giving us the chance to serve their will and to help them realized their dream house. It has been our pleasure to serve you with all of the ease we know and all of the skills we could prove to your family, just make this newly done house unit you have in Vista Verde Village, Pueblo for your kinship.

A warmth thank you and we could boast that there’s nothing compares of the thought of being and living in the house, where ever desired ideas and likes are being realized even from the single touch of it!


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