Mr. & Mrs. Pollard Golf Estate House Construction Project

As we are entering the last month for the second quarter of this year, and as the month of love as well, we are proud to say that great triumphs are really that huge and are now granted to each of us in the business and in our individual living.

For 6 months of constructing this project in Golf Estate area, we are now having this big news of turning-over this unit to the owner. It has been six months of waiting and embellishing this building to be done and to be on its full and complete view according to the ideas and preference of Mr. & Mrs. Pollard.

Its development is now completed and has each room color coding, accented receiving area’s colors, and the spacious living areas and the relaxing aura of the entire house, which would give positive connection of everyone who would be living in this house soon.

As part of its history, Mr. Pollard held its house blessing ceremony just last week, August 08, 2011. Along with this event were the entire office force, the church members and staff and, of course, the Homechoice Planners & Construction Corporation’s general manager with the family. There were also those people close to Mr. & Mrs. Pollard’s side and relatives.

The said event was done successfully with the help and the countenance of God. Thus, as always as it is, the project has come to its completion and total quality foundation and physique.  This is another victory that the business would like to thank to all of those people who contributed to this project to be done.

We would like also to thank Mr. & Mrs. Pollard to let us partake and be part of their dream to come true. It has been our pleasure and honor to be the instrument of making your family live happily here in the Philippines soon, through the quality and the right house you need to have for your kin!


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