Vista Verde Village Project 1: Turned Over Mode

Christmas and New Year are really the seasons for every body to live in peace, harmony and solidarity with the entire family. Thus, the owner of this unit project in Vista Verde Village hoped to stay in there newly done house to celebrate these seasons. We also granted the longing of the owner to be in her own house on the season. We let them live in their newly built house just last December last year, though we don’t have it fully turned-over yet. As of its prepared enhancements and developed works, we still have the following for its total beau and completion as of last week, January, 2012:

Installation of cabinets for 100%
Painting works in 90%
Tile works in 100%
Electrical works for 90%
Glass works in 100%

And just last Friday, we already and officially turn-over this unit to the owner with its 100% completion of its works in all areas and responsibilities of the construction. We are happy and glad with the thought that, despite everything around us in the city as of now, we still happened to make our projects bountifully fruitful. We turned over a completely tiled, painted, partitioned, and in semi-furnished house condition with the complete installed water and electric and the basic landscape. Like those other clients we had, we always turn-over the unit that has the complete house amenities which are beneficial to every family member and the things that are for every that are usable.

In behalf of the Homechoice Planners & Construction Corporation staff, people and construction workers, we would like to extend our gratitude to the owner’s family for counting us part of your dream house to come true and for trusting our skills and strength to make this one possible. We know that nothing compares with the success of this house and of your dream to come true!


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