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Update: Philam-Life Village Project 1

Motivation. Everybody needs this to keep them going. And as for us, what keeps us motivated? It’s the presence of our Father Almighty. Seeking for His presence is what keeps us on the go. Knowing that He is always there for us, guiding us in every tasks and work gives us the strength to keep on moving.

With this, the more we are motivated to work with this house construction at Philam-Life Village. There are a lot of things already that we were able to do for this project. Just like two weeks ago, we were able to do the following:

-CHB filling 98%
Plastering 65%
-Installation of door jambs 45%
Panganto 20%

Sometime two weeks ago, some of the workers were transferred to the Pueblo Golf Estates Project 1 for pouring of slab and also at Bellevue Subdivision Project for the pouring of slab carport.

As for this week, these are the following activities that were done:

-CHB filling 100%
-Plastering 80%
-Panganto 35%
-Installation of door jambs 90%
-Installation of forms at stairs 100%

For next week, we have to do the following: Skim coating, Farring works, Installation of reinforcement at stairs, pouring of slab at carport, pouring of concrete stairs and Installation of steel trusses. Updates will be posted soonish. Photos will be included also. Until then!

Update: Pueblo Golf Estates Project 1

Awesome. This description best fits to the house construction that we’re working on at Pueblo Golf Estates. The Pueblo Golf Estates Project 1 is so far, one of the biggest house constructions that we’ve handled. With this project, it’s time that we spread our wings and take our work to the next level. It’s high time that we expand our abilities and see what other things that we are capable to do of.

As of last two weeks update, the activities that we’ve done are as follows:

-Installation forms 100%
Pouring of 2nd floor slab 100%

And for this week we are now on the curing of concrete slab 2nd floor. As to the other activities for this house construction that needs to be accomplished, we’ll just keep you all informed.

We are all giddy and excited to see this house in its physical form. It will take us 6 months long to be able to finish this enormous house but with hard work and labor, this will be done in no time. Soon, this project will be another masterpiece of HomeChoice Planners. It will also be an attention catcher at Pueblo Golf Estates because of its unique design and specifications.

So, for those families who wanted to realize their dream house, choose us, HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation. It would be a great privilege for us to serve you. Because there’s no other choice but HomeChoice Planners.

Vista Verde Village Project 3 Update

Inspiration. This is what we need to be able to perform well with our tasks. And we get this from the Lord Almighty and from our clients. We are inspired to work because of the blessings that the Lord has showered upon us. We also get inspiration from our clients because without them, we couldn’t have these projects.

Another project that we are working with is this two-storey house at Vista Verde Village. This would be our 3rd project in Vista Verde Village. Specifications of this house would be the following: 4 bedrooms, 3 toilet and baths, lanai, balcony, garage, dirty kitchen, living, dining and kitchen areas. This house will stand on a 187 square meter lot and it has a floor area of 143 square meters.

Here are the following accomplishments for the last two weeks:

– Excavation 100%
-Installation of scaffoldings 60%
Fabricating/Installation of reinforcement for footing and columns 65%

As for this week, here are the following activities:

– Installation of forms 100%
-Installation of scaffoldings 100%
-Installation of reinforcement for slab and beams 100%
-Preparation for electrical works 100%

For next week’s activity, we will be working with the pouring of 2nd floor slab. There are a lot of things to work on with this house construction and we just can’t wait to post all of the developments.

HomeChoice Planners is just very grateful to work with clients who trust in our service. We are thankful to the Lord Almighty for the blessings. Indeed, an inspiration to our company.

Update: Vista Verde Village Project 4

Astounded. That’s how we feel for the positive feedback that we receive from our clients. Because of these, the more we are motivated to work harder just to give them the best service that we have. It keeps us on the go when we see the satisfactory smiles plastered on their faces. Their smile gives us the strength to strive more with our work.

It is an achievement for us to see some clients coming back for our service. Just like this certain client, whom we wouldn’t be named, in respect to his privacy. He is one of the first clients that we had in our company. The first house that we built for him is a bungalow type of a house; it can be seen at Vista Verde Village. And now, he availed for our service again, trusting us to build his dream house in the same subdivision.

This Vista Verde Village Project 4 is a modern type two-storey house. It will have 6 bedrooms, 3 toilet and baths, kitchen, living and dining areas. It will also have a porch, lanai, family area, garage and a study room. For the last two weeks, these are the following activities that we have accomplished:

-Installation of perimeter fence 100%
-Installation of bunkhouse 100%
-Preparation of forms 100%

For this week, supposedly, these are the lined-up activities:

-Installation of forms

Due to the delay inspection of the Office of the Building Officials, operations were stopped. But once the inspection is done, we’ll start right away with the scheduled activities. Updates regarding other developments of this construction will soon be posted. Hasta Entonces!

Hillsborough Pointe Project 2: Construction Update

Year 2012. HomeChoice Planners started this year by being productive. As soon as the holidays were over, we started working with all our new projects and also the on-going projects.

One of the new projects that we have for this first quarter would be seen at Hillsborough Pointe. In respect to our client’s confidentiality, we would be calling this project as Hillsborough Pointe Project 2. This would be a two-storey house having a floor area of 234 square meters and it would stand on a 405 square meter lot. Other specifications of this house would be the following: 5 bedrooms, 4 toilet and baths, balcony, lanai, kid’s room, storage room, garage area, porch and also kitchen, living and dining areas.

As to the developments regarding this project, two weeks ago, we had the earth excavation done. And for this week, we are now working on its project lay-out and excavating for foundation.

We just can’t wait for this house come out of the picture. I know, it’s not only us who are eager to see this house to come to life but also the family who desired for this house. Updates will soon be posted as to the other developments of this house. Expect photos also!

HomeChoice Planners in Progress: First Quarter Construction Projects

New Year, New Projects. What a way to start year 2012! As this year enters, so as our new construction projects. It is said that this year is the Year of the Lord, and we are really grateful because as this year starts, the Lord has already blessed us with so many construction projects.

Head start! For this first quarter, we already have eight house construction projects in different subdivisions. We have two projects at Hillsborough Pointe, two also at Xavier Estates and one construction project in each of the following subdivisions: Golden Glow Village, Vista Verde Village, Menzi Orchard Residences and Golden Glow North. This is what we call, productive!

And just an update regarding these projects, the Vista Verde Village Project 4, started installing perimeter fence and bunkhouse last January 21. As of January 28, Golden Glow North Project 1 which is owned by Mr. and Mrs. Fuentes and Hillsborough Pointe Project 1 owned by Mr. and Mrs. Johnsen, had their Groundbreaking and Lot dedication service. The Hillsborough Pointe Project 2, in the same day, started working on its earth excavation. There aren’t any developments yet as to the other projects but we’ll keep you updated as soon as there will be.

Our company is just so thankful to our Father Almighty for giving us these projects. Indeed, we are blessed to be a blessing! We are a blessing to other people because we are not only help our client’s needs but we are also helping our workers. Because of these projects, there’ll be more work opportunity for our workers. And we are still  looking forward to help and serve more people.

We, at HomeChoice Planners & Construction Corporation are really overwhelmed with the construction projects that we have right now. With this, we would like to express our sincerest gratitude to the families who trusted us to build and realize your dream house. We are really privileged to serve as a tool in realizing your dream house. And it is our great pleasure to serve you all.

Golf Estate’s Project 1 Update

“A big mansion is being built in this big location green and relaxation.”

For all of our projects here in uptown areas, this one is the biggest and lots of things to do for 6 months long. It is time to level up our performance, service and the project numbers as well! Thus we have this one now in this green area and full of relaxation. This one started early this month. As of its update, it has the following lined-up:

Pouring of Roof beam in 100%
Soil back filling at ground floor slab
Filling of CHB in 65%
Removing of scaffolding and forms

For this week we have these works to be accomplished:

Filling of CHB 85%
Removing of scaffolding and forms
Continuation of CHB filling
Pouring of ground floor slab
Removing of forms an scaffoldings
Filling of ground slab
And electrical works

We will be having this project soon to be physically viewed with its complete structural phase. We are looking forward for the great improvements for this one before this month ends. This project is really challenging and that good to ears of having this one done. elegantly stand up and beautifully presented in the future. This will like be a master piece unit for us to count of and for all of you as well, to check out soon.

From us in Homechoic Planners & Construction Corporation, we are happy and proud to have this project as one of our accomplishments to be. We are looking forward for the success of this project and for the complete house amenities with its interior concern to be addressed piece by piece. To the owner of this project, we would like to extend our thanks to them for letting us, as part of your mansion-like house to be in this area where coldness of green and relaxing environment are in place!

Kisanlu Iponan Project 1 Update

“ From all the holiday seasons, comes the very enhanced works for the project.”

From the series of holiday seasons we had, and for the events we had in different establishments and organizations, we come to this result in the field we are in. This project we have in Kisanlu in Iponan area is now in motion to almost full blast. For months of having this project constructed; improvements are being visible this time. There are lots of construction developments done for this unit. To have those viewed, I have the following:

Installation of railings at stair
Installation of railings at terrace
Installation of ceiling in 100%
Installation of cabinets 70%
Tile works in 85%
Sanding of wood tiles in 90%
Tapping of stairs in 100%

These are the works done last week and for this week, here are the following:

Installation of railings at stair in 100%
Installation of railings at terrace in 100%
Installation of cabinets in 80%
Tile works in 90%
Glass works in 20%

For next week we are looking forward to have the following finished; the fence works, glass works, paintings, cabinet works, electrical works and for clearing. We will be finishing this project as much as possible soon with all the needed features done and tasks completed. We will update all of you with this project online and inviting you all as well of making this project as one of your inspirations to extend to us, as well, all of your house concern to be done and let us mold your dream house reachable!

Tuscania Projects Update

“A lot of accomplishments for the year have to come for the very bountiful ended year.”

For numbers of projects we have for the past year, we had accomplished a lot of successes for this field of profession. We often encountered a lot of encumbrances in this firm, but the most inspiring thing is that, we always make sure to have our duties and responsibilities done accordingly. We consider all factors; we consider options and we consider all of our clients’ concern, within the warranty period. Thus even with these projects we have in Tuscania, we lately done the second project in this area. It is the Treviso model unit we built for the developer. It is on its 100% completion and made our tasks there lessen this time.

For the main time, we have the Verona 2 unit which is on-going now in the same area. And as of now, we have the following developments:

Installation of step board in 100%
Installation of granite slab in 70%
Installation of breaks in 40%
Tile works in 98%
Stairs ( rectify) in 100%

Those are for the past week works that are done. And for this week are:

Installation of granite slab in 100%
Installation of breaks in 70%
Installation of barrel bolt
Painting works in 70%

And for next week we’ll continue the breaks installation, painting works and electrical works. This unit is soon to be done with all of its exterior and interior amenities. Though this is the last in-lined project we have in this area, we are still on the pick of making this one elegantly presentable and according to the client’s preference and budget. We never give up a midst everything we do. And in every project we have, we make sure it will come out in total beau of full good service and quality product as perceived by the every body. We maintain our name of serving our clients on their own way of having their dream house to be possible. That’s how we took our very bountiful ended year, with numbers of accomplished projects we had.

We are looking forward for your time to connect to us, with your own house concern and dream house to come true and of making us, as part of your house to be!

Golden Glow Village Project 1 Update

“A good start for a good new year with this good project.”

There is really nothing compares in working with the project that is in-line in God’s will. This project we have in Golden Glow Village is now having its construction developments. After almost two months of construction it is now having the following enhancements:

Ceiling works in 48%
Installation of trusses in 70%
Skim coating in 100%
Installation of farring in 70%

The construction is still on-going this time, which is really in wave also due of things to consider. But we in the company are really on the go of making things to do our duties to make this project be done accordingly as the plan is. The enhancements for this one is as of now has to be completed. We will be going to inform or update all of you for whatever the improvements for this for this month as well. We are on the same goal of making this one magnificently in its exterior and interior. We are very thankful for making this project still going, despite everything else happened.

We are blessed as well for having this project still progressing and that durably and elegantly on. Thank you as well for those construction workers who are still on their patience and strength to have this one on motion. This is to actualize the good start for a good year with this good project to be completely finished in the near future.