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HCP moves forward!

hcp-groundbreakingIt has been an awesome 2012 for HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation. An overwhelming number of projects came into the company last year and we are just so thankful to the Lord Almighty for all of the blessings.

For this New Year, HomeChoice Planners has made some amendments that would further improve the company’s service. These changes are not only for the benefit and growth of the company but for the staffs and workers as well. This would help the staffs and workers in the improvement of their performance. Not that their performance isn’t good, it is just a way of developing more of their skills and also build their character.

The company’s major goal is to move forward and part of it is the possibility of constructing a building. With the company’s continually growing family, a new office is in plan. And the start of this plan happened last January 18, 2012; when the company formally dedicated the lot adjacent to the warehouse. The groundbreaking ceremony was ministered by the CDO First Assembly of God church, headed by Ptr. Lloyd Yana.

hcp-warehouseThis is just the start of the so many plans that HomeChoice Planners has. It is the beginning of the company’s moving forward goal. We know that you’re already curious about this soon to rise office building. But we will not go into details for now as we haven’t made some final plans yet. As soon as we have it then we’ll gladly disclose it to all of you.

All of these plans we lift it up to our Mighty Lord. Without His guidance and presence, HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation wouldn’t be where it is now. We dedicate this soon to be constructed building to Him. Glory to God!

Thanksgiving on the 24th

It has been four years already since the bible study service every Monday has started. And looking back, HomeChoice Planners had a really rough start on establishing this kind of practice. On the first year of the bible study service, only few construction workers would attend; but as the years go by, the other construction workers was able to witness and experience how great our Lord God is. And by God’s grace, the number of attendees eventually grew and it continually grows up until now.

Tradition as it is, HomeChoice Planners usually conducts a Christmas Thanksgiving service every month of December. christmas-thanksgivingIt is just essential that we offer and give back all the blessings that the Almighty Father has bestowed upon us. On this day, we acknowledge all the wonderful things that the Lord has graced upon our company. HomeChoice Planners wouldn’t be where it is right now without the guidance and protection of the Abba Father.

For this year’s thanksgiving service, we have invited Ptr. Roger Ruiz of CDO First Assembly of God church to share to us the word of God. He then emphasized to each and every one of us the true essence of Christmas. He also gave us words of encouragement to continue on praising and worshiping God for nothing is impossible with Him. HCP-thanksgiving

HomeChoice Planners is and will always be grateful to the Lord our God. He never ceases to amaze all of us. Thank you so much Lord for all the great things that you have given to all of us; and one of them is the life of your son Jesus Christ, for He is the proof of your true love to humankind. Let us be reminded that Christmas is not about Santa Claus but it is all about Jesus Christ. Happy Birthday Jesus! Happy Christmas!

HCP Foremen’s Dahilayan Escapade

Looking back, HomeChoice Planners has indeed grown into a bigger company. In line with the company’s growth are the numerous houses that were built and still building. Construction workers have also increased in number; thanks to them because they are the one’s responsible for each successful project. And behind these workers are their mentors and leaders; foremen as what they are called in the construction field. The foremen’s good leadership is what makes the construction workers’ performance well.

Being a foreman is not an easy job; they are the engineer’s right hand. They stay on construction sites, checking the progress of the projects and monitoring the workers under them. Work, work, work. This is what they think and do in order for them to have a better future. They work hard just to provide everything for their family. In working their butts off, they forget to give their self some me time; time to chill and relax.

As part of the company’s thanksgiving; thanksgiving for all the boons and success that the Lord has given to us, HomeChoice Planners also gave the foremen and leadmen a time to have fun. Last November 24, 2012, they had a time off from work and went to Dahilayan Adventure Park. They were given the opportunity to relax and enjoy all the amenities in the park. Some of the foremen conquered the Asia’s Longest Dual Zipline and others drove the ATV rides along bumpy roads.

It was a one day spent for their self; me time as what they say. The foremen and leadmen surely enjoyed their one day escapade at Dahilayan; it was indeed a rollicking adventure. Kudos to them!

A rainbow after the rain and after the realm of encumbrances

It is the year of a dragon, as what our fellow Chinese people had shared to everyone. This year is will be of what the Psychics and other individuals, who believes that this will be a doomsday for humanity. But it still depends on each of us of which and whom to believe. The most important one is that, we believe of our own God and has the complete on His words and goodness to all of us. This doomsday prediction as well creates psychological impact to our fellowmen. Thus, this even makes others to be stocked up with their days, belief and activities. But, as for us, from Homechoice Planners & Construction Corporation, we still on the height of faith that doomsday is actually not this year or just those yesterdays, we always experience the so called doomsday- in different forms; only we are not that anxious enough to realize those. The same way of those blessings and graces from above, which we usually take for granted. The great thing happened about the lately disaster we experienced is that, all of us in the city of Cagayan de Oro is the shown solidarity, harmony in helping every one and of sharing all the blessings that we have to one another in order to start again after the realm of encumbrances we experienced.

And as part of the company’s concern and responsibility to all of our clients, we do have the good start and in the height of making our new year goodly with the good rays of rainbow to all of us in the company as a cue of good start from everything happened. We do have numbers of newly started projects, new accounts to take and to render services to our new clients for this New Year. We do also have the newly prepared system, which is applicable and beneficial to every one in the company and for those people involving the entire construction firm.

We are hoping for the good fruit and for the good result this year. We are thankful for the thought of making our service that reliable, satisfactory and bountifully be finished according to the goal we consider. As for the per project update we have, we keep you posted through our monthly updates. You too, can check it out with those clients we have online.

We are open for any of your house concern and now ready to hear you once again with your house construction or house and lot construction concern. Contact us now!

Christmas Thanksgiving Gathering at Bodega

“A time for sharing and loving; as the expression of how a blessed one blessed those who are in need.”

12 months are almost done and just days to count for 2011 to end up and the 2012 to start. All of our family members, co-workers, fellow men and people around the city are celebrating this season of Christmas, wherein sharing of blessings received either from salary or in kind, loving and respect, forgetting oneself’s pride and anger, tantrums, envy and making the Christ-like mode of mood to excel than anything else in all surface.

This is how Homechoice Planners & Construction Corporation show its gratitude and thanksgiving for all the clients, graces and blessings from God- to extend its blessing to every construction worker, mason, architect, and sales agent in the form of thanks giving gathering, wherein, the Holy Spirit and the word of God is the core and as recognition of His Holiness and kind-hearted one to give numbers of blessings to the company all through the year of 2011.

Just last December 23rd this year, at around 9 in the morning, we gather once again at Bodega area of Homechoice Planners and witnessed the bountiful harvest of the company of how it brought blessings to every person comprising the company and of making it as the vehicle of every construction workers or workers to achieve more in their lives with their families, while they are in the company. The gathering was attended by the Assembly of God people and the real estate agents as well in RPM Realty, which is the sister company of Homechoice Planners. The gathering was formally done with our client guest, Mr. Jerry Newland, who first shared his testimony to everyone of how gracious he is and of how thankful he is of having the company’s service and for making his house in time and durable, following his ideas. There was also Joseph, one of the leading foremen of the construction firm, who is the oldest in service of the company, who shared his testimony as one of the workers, who benefited a lot from the company and with his own family, since the day when he joined the company. As for him, compared to his previous work, he is having now a lot of changes and improvements in life than before monetarily, spiritually, and materially. Yours truly, also shared the world of marketing officers, as the representative with the vision in one with the people in the company and with the construction workers to be blessed and to be a blessing.

After the prayer program, there was a food fellowship given to every one, wherein, from that moment, I could really feel the true happiness from within in serving these people, who once again could experience the blessing and the essence of Christmas, even with the big bang calamity happened in the City of Cagayan de Oro today.

Thank you for all of those people who attended the said event and for sharing their time rejoicing the name of God, despite everything happened to us here in the city. We are thankful as well of making the event more reasonable and so blessed with all of the good intention we have in our hearts to make the event possibly successful and with the portrayed spirit of Christmas. Merry Christmas to each one of us and a bountiful new year!

First Fruits For the Year 2011

First fruit is really good to harvest and to cherish, as they say. In pertinence to this somewhat- cliché, we in Homechoice Planners & Construction Corporation, we are having this experience. As the year of the rabbit enters, we have these first fruits for this year’s projects and boons. These are not only for us in the office and the people who are doing and initiating this view to build, but also for those construction workers in Homechoice Planners.

Here are the first fruits we have as January enters this year:

*Mr. & Mrs. Tupas’s House construction

* Sigl’s Beach Bar

* Apparente’s House Golden Glow North

* Santa Ana’s House Golden Glow North

Mr. & Mrs, Tupas’s House Construction

As one of our first fruits for this year, we also have this first fruit project in the province of Bukidnon. This projecta is a blessing for us, to penetrate on this area and that, we also show our skills and CAN DO attitude and capability in this field of profession. Yes, we also can! We can build a house anywhere in Bukidnon as part of our vision, which is to widen our venture and to reach far with this ability and help we could give to our clients.

Because they believe on us in the office for what we can do and what we can contribute to their dreams, we ended up with this concept now. We started this project just last month. And we are very happy to be part of this project. Now we just done with the following activities and schedules with the Tupas family.

01.06.11 – Site Clearing…preparing for the B-Word….BUHOS @ 01.08.11!
01.08.11 – BUHOS
01.12.11 – Architect Visit
01.29.11 – Construction Update

The office is on going with this project to reach the targeted month to finish the project. We are now on this construction with its structure and seriously focus on the prepared perspective and phase as accorded by the owner and the office.
We are on the momentum to make this project be successfully done. Thank you for the Tupas family for being that open-mind and in good rapport in letting us to be part of your dream house to be fulfilled. Let us wait for the next update!

* Sigl’s Beach Bar

Not only in uptown areas or Bukidnon? Yes! Our projects are getting wider and known. We also have this project in Balingasag beach area. We started this project just last month and as one of our first projects and blessings for this year.  This is a new concept also for us to build, since this is a Beach Bar. But still we can deal like this kind of project!

For now, this is the development of this project. We will be updating you for the on going improvements for this Beach Bar soon!

* Ms. Felisa Aparente’s House & Lot Construction

We also have this new project for the month of February, this year. This house is a 2 weeks old. The construction is still going on and that would be following the owner’s views or perspective of what her house to be look like. This is only a bungalow project also, having a modern design. We are glad that this is another privilege for us in the office and to all of our workers to continue serving all of our clients with dedication and courage!

To Ms. Felisa Aparente, thank you for the confidence you laid to us! We will meet your dream house to be and will make it come true with the guidance of the Almighty!

Homechoice Planners’s Thanks Giving Celebration

To be part of Homechoice Planners is a blessing. It is our pleasure in the office to make all of the staffs and construction workers to feel the essence of real happiness in working in a solidify team and office. This is just one of the vision and mission in Homechoice Planners & Construction Corporation, which is to make every personality in the office to feel belong and always be belong in this corporation.

As part of the celebrations done last year, the office had once again made all of the construction workers more enthusiastic and that together to do their jobs well done and clean. The office had conducted a celebration for them to be happy and to feel that they are important to make every project be done very well.

The celebration was participated by group of people from the church and the office team of Homechoice Planners. That was a good and memorable celebration for each of our construction workers, as they individually brought each sack of rice and groceries.

From us in the office; thank you for all of the construction workers and the masons, who managed to be a good and be part in our team. We are happy that you have the same vision with us, which is to have a good service to all of our clients, in making their dream house/s to come true!

Mr. & Mrs. Virginia Bruderer Newly Built House Thanksgiving

Just this afternoon, December 08, 2010, at exactly 4:30, the Assembly of God people, with Pastor Elfie, and Homechoice Planners & Construction Corporation people, drove to Bruderer’s newly built house in Golf Estate area for the thanksgiving and house dedication.

As customary, the thanksgiving started with song praises and then series of prayers for the Bruderer’s family as well as the goodness of the house, which it could offer to every family members soon. Also the prayers were dedicated to Mr. Peter Bruderer who was not in the thanksgiving, due of health problem. The whole church members and we, in the office, are praying for the fast recovery of Mr. Peter Bruderer.

The fellowship followed, which we shared and enjoyed. We thank you for the warmth welcome by the Bruderer family of God’s presence and guidance in their newly built house and for their very hospitable, humble and cheerful temperament.

For the entire family of Bruderer, we are very grateful and honor to make this huge and ideal house which is on its grand and comfortable appeal. Thank you for the laid trust and for believing on us, that we really can make your dream house to be possible with all of our best and faith.

We still believe that, we accomplish things and any house construction, because of our  professionalism, good rapport to each of our office staffs, masons, laborers, architects and  above all, because of the firm faith we have of building houses in accordance with the guidance of the Almighty one!